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We have made the conscious decision to remove gel ice packs and Styrofoam from our probiotic shipments. This decision has been supported by our continued selection of strains that can beat the heat, updates to manufacturing, and new studies that show the latest science on how probiotics can be shipped safely.



We’ve done our homework

Probiotic CFU count compared to label claim after a minimum 48 hours exposure at 109.4° F (43° C)







Myth: Probiotics must be shipped with ice and Styrofoam to retain their potency.

Fact: Bariatric Advantage probiotics have shown CFU counts well above label claim after exposure to high temperatures to simulate an extreme shipping cycle. The most important contributor to product viability is following storage instructions after receipt.


Myth: Gel ice packs protect probiotics from heat for several days.

Fact: Studies showed that packages that included gel ice and Styrofoam moderated temperatures for up to 24 hours, after which time temperatures rose to ambient temperatures.


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